Thoughts on Odisha!

When I met people outside Odisha mostly in north India, believe me, most of them don’t know where exactly Odisha is. They will simply say “ somewhere beside West Bengal”. They are even confused between Odissi & odia . They think Odissi is our mother tongue.

So here are some misconception about Odisha what others think about-

  • Firstly, most non-Odia pronounces Odisha as Udisha. Guys, it’s “O” not “U”
  • Secondly, In 2011 the name of state Orissa became Odisha. So stop calling Urissa.
  • I think it’s a nationwide belief that Odisha is the most poverty-stricken state. It’s a huge misconception. As per RBI annual report 2013, Odisha is at 23rd preceding Bihar, Arunachal, Manipur, Jharkhand & Chattisgarh.
  • Some think that Odisha is a backward state. Let me tell you as per the 2014–15 economic survey GSDP rank of Odisha is 15th.
  • If you think there are fewer job opportunities then you should be known that Odisha stands at 17th in unemployment rates equaling the national average.
  • Some questions about the culture & history of Odisha. Then here is the answer — Odia is one of the SIX Classical languages in India. For the bravery of the Kalinga Soldiers, The Kalinga War ( one of the bloodiest war fought in ancient India), The great Empire of Khaevela were there for your reference. The Youngest martyr of India, Baji Rout (12 years old) , was from Odisha. Even the Kalinga Soldiers were mentioned in The Great Mahabharat.
  • In terms of entertainment, Odisha host the largest open-air theatre “DHANU YATRA” of bargarh.
  • Being a coastal area, every year, the fierce flood comes & devastates many places. But we recover each year. Before Uttarakhand & Chennai flood, the 1999 super cyclone completely ripped off Odisha. In the span of 18 years in a developing country like India, the Odisha govt. have done a fantastic job to make Odisha progressed.

Odisha, one of the 29 states of India,was established on 1st April 1936, known as “Utkal Divas” ( formerly Odisha was known as Utkal).

first comes the language ODIA

  • The official language of Odisha & one of the constitutional language
  • One of the 6 classical languages in India
  • Great works by Sarala Das
  • Upendra Bhanja - works are beyond imagination

then comes the natural beauty

  • birds’ paradise The Chilika Lake
  • crocodile attraction- Bhitarkanika national park
  • want the feel of Kashmir, don’t worry Odisha has Daringibadi
  • want to hear the roar of the tiger — take a safari in Similipal National Park
  • worldwide famous art & craft — Pipli
  • worldfamous sand art by Sudarshan Pattnaik
  • have fun with sour water — Puri Beach & Gopalpur Beach
  • witness the moment of sunrise & sunset — Chandrabhaga river bank
  • ethnic wear — Sambalpuri Saree
  • want to see “sea turtles” — Gahirmatha beach
  • enjoy the high falls — Barehipani, Khandadhar
  • wanna try hot springs- Atri & Taptapani
  • roaming around the creatures — Nandankanan Zoo

then the no of monuments & temples comes-

  • Purushottam Dham (one of the four abodes “Char Dham”) — Jagannath Temple. the world knows it. witness the epic Rath Yatra & enjoy the inexpressible taste of Mahaprasad
  • architecture at the finest level- Konark Sun Temple (UNESCO heritage site)
  • the capital, also known as Temple City, Bhubaneshwar, itself contains “Lingaraj Temple”, “Rajarani Temple”, “Ram Mandir”
  • for the mother “goddess” — Samaleshwari Temple, Tarini Temple, Biraja Temple
  • Huma Temple — the only leaning temple in the world
  • wanna enjoy historic places — Dhauli mountain, Barbati fort, Khandagiri & Udaygiri caves,
  • Nilagiri , Lalitgiri — Buddhist temples
  • Hirakud Dam , Abdul Kalam Island ( Chandipur)

now it’s time for FOOD-

  • 56 recipes — Mahaprasad , Puri Temple
  • the summer love- Pakhala with Shukhua & Aachar ( water rice , fish & pickle)
  • land of “pithas”(maybe referred to as cake)- Poda pitha, Enduri pitha, Chitou pitha , Arisa pitha , Kakara pitha , Manda pitha
  • you’ll fall in love with the sweets — Rasogola, Chennapoda , Kheeri, Chena Gaja
  • regional best — Dahibara Aloodam (cuttack) , Rasabali(kendrapara), Chenna Poda (nayagarh), Mudhi mansa(baripada) , Khaja(khordha)

time for entertainment-

  • film industry — Ollywood
  • film studio — Kalinga Studio
  • Odissi - one of the important classical dance in India
  • regional — Chau dance , Mahari dance , Gotipua
  • Badi Paala- war of poetic words with wits & humour
  • Dhanu Yatra- bargarh

We, Odia people, believe in simple & peaceful living. Do come to Odisha once, feel the essence of living with simple people, visit all the beautiful places, must enjoy the stay in the village or small town. I guarantee you’ll be dying for the next time to come to Odisha again.

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