The midnight shayari!!

I Was travelling in a cab around 4 am in Punjab and started chatting with the cabbie! He told me that he shifted to Punjab from Pakistan about 6 years back due to some family feud back home.

The conversation shifted from small talk to me asking him about his education and his plans for the future. He told me that he completed his B. Ed and was unable to complete his final Master's paper. Even without me asking him, he told me that he was too much interested in Shayari too.

I pressed him to share some of his written Shayari with me. And then after a 30second pause, he shared a very beautifully written Shayari about the parallels in the world, the haves and have nots.

I added my occasional “Irshad Irshad”

Then, he kept going and did not stop. He shared not just his own shayaris but also an excerpt from a funny script that he had written while he was in college.

The guy kept telling me, “Bhaiya, usually main chup chap rehta hoon par pata nahi aapke saath share karne ka mann kar gaya. Aapne toh humare college ke din yaad dila diye! Mujhe shayari kare 6–7 mahine ho gaye par aapne woh yaadein taaza kar di! Main itne saalon se taxi chalata hoon but aise kabhi kisi ke saath apni story share nahi kiya!

I could feel the emotion coming out of his words. My short 25-minute interaction became the highlight of the trip for me.

The kind of emotions and feelings that each individual in the world has, makes me think and we will never know what is going on in the life of the other person, until and unless we stop to Just Listen.

While bidding Adieu, he said that “Khuda chahega toh hum zaroor waapis milenge” to which I replied, “Inshallah, hum agli baar milenge jab aap bade Shayar ban jaoge aur main aapko sunne ke liye ticket khareed ke aaonga!”

And he just kept smiling and said, “Inshallah!”

Software Engineer @Vedantu, Former Intern @Hackerrank, GSoC @Wikimedia, Codeforces(Expert)

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