When I met people outside Odisha mostly in north India, believe me, most of them don’t know where exactly Odisha is. They will simply say “ somewhere beside West Bengal”. They are even confused between Odissi & odia . They think Odissi is our mother tongue.

So here are some…

Are complex algorithms relevant in the real world?


Hackerrank, 2019.

My friend was drawing on the board while I looked on. We were in different teams, each assigned a project. His program currently took 5 hours to execute. The requirement stated one hour. As the ‘algorithm enthusiast’, I was called for help.

The program was to find the…

You’re given an array of integers. Write a function that returns a pair of numbers such that they sum up to zero.

[Alternate problem with a target]

You can assume there will be exactly 1 solution. Each element in the array can only be used once.


Array of integers is [2, 7, 9, -2].
The pair that sums up to 0 is (2, -2).

A list of numbers, separated by space.

2 7 9 -2

You’re given a linked list. Write a function to reverse it.


The original linked list is as follows:
3 -> 5 -> 2 -> 4
The reversed linked list has its arrows changed in direction:
3 <- 5 <- 2 <- 4
which means
4 -> 2 -> 5 -> 3

Don’t create new nodes. Instead, reuse the original linked…


Software Engineer @Vedantu, Former Intern @Hackerrank, GSoC @Wikimedia, Codeforces(Expert)

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